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Vinyl Record Collectors site is designed for the dedicated vinyl records collector and record buyer! Lots of informative and educational content featuring the American  Prolific Inventor of the 19th century: Thomas Edison, History of Vinyl, The early Phonograph of Thomas Edison through to the Gramophone, the Jukebox, Lee De Forest inventor of the Valve Amplifier. Guaranteed to bring back memories of the 78rpm, the 33⅓ rpm, and the 45rpm 7 inch vinyl records, so if you enjoy albums, otherwise known as LPs or if you like to collect vinyl records as your hobby, then here is where you wanna be. The Stereo Hi-Fi. The invention of the first flat disc, that lead to the Vinyl Record as we know it today, and unto the Compact Disc.


Technology that has been used in the past and has  led to the advent of that dreaded Compact CD Disc,  has never been forgotten! If Vinyls or CDs are your point of interest, you'll find all the information about CDs right here. How was the first 78 rpm label placed on a recording disc. We have all info on Jamaica's record producer; Lee Perry. The inventor of the reggae sound, he also invented Dub music and Hip-Hop. Thomas Alva Edison, the forerunner of disc recordings was really an important milestone towards the development of the vinyl record. You can find a feature on Edison is featured right here this site. You will be absolutely amazed, at the influential  power that Thomas Edison had in his life time!

Was it a coincidence that 78 minus 33 equals 45? What was the secret of that discovery? Learn more about the secrets that has unveiled within the pages of  this site, that will captivate your mind. Therefore, if you want to learn more and you're a keen dedicated aficionado, come on in, it's all right here just for you on Vinyl Record Collectors site! Here you will find features on Bob Marley, Lee Perry, Studio One, Inventors, History of Vinyl. With the wealth and volume of information on the History of  the Vinyl we leave the others well behind, but don't just take our word! look it up In the history of vinyl where you will learn how the word gospel was coined, how gospel music first began, the effects gospel music had on rhythms of various genre of such as rock 'n'roll, soul music and recording artists such as Elvis Presley, James Brown and Sam Cook. You'll be absolutely astound by what you will learn about the History of Vinyl!


Learn more about the true facts and how it all began by hitting on enter!

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