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History Of RCA! Part 1

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 RCA: Radio Corporation Of America!

During the 50 years of Elihu Thomson, one of Americaís fore most prolific inventors, who had been granted 696 patents by the US patent office on his inventions ranging from generators, electric welding machines, arc lights, to x-ray tubes. Of all of his inventions, the recording wattmeter was nearest and dearest to his heart. The wattmeter is an instrument used for measuring the amount of electricity used in s or on businesses premises . Thomson and Edwin Houston join together to build  one of the first electrical companies. Thompson compatriot and friend Edwin Houston  was a professor of science!


As a matter of fact, Elihu Thomson was lighting the streets of Kansas City Missouri with his system a good six months before Thomas Edison opened his first power station in New York where he lit up street light, shops and other businesses premises. Eventually the two stations along others would be merged under the one name of  General Electric. The unification of the Thomson-Houston and Edison General Electric companies brought much progress within the electric companies. General Electrics even had outlets in Europe and South America. Although Elihu Thomson was the first individual to set up an electric system!


It was Thomas Alva Edison  who was actually the first inventor to invent the sound phonograph player in 1877. The Scientific American Journal editors, were amongst the first eye witness of the Thomas Edisonís newest creation. They were rather somewhat apprehensive as to what Edison's  new fandangle machinery was about. However,  RCAís manufacturer and a member of the corporation Westinghouse, was  the first to get a commercial broadcasting license. Thomas Edison did not have any interest in radio broadcasting, he was more into his phonograph!






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